22 Free Earning Websites In Pakistan Without Investment

Earning money is not always a tedious task if you know which free-earning website in Pakistan to use.
Most people believe that the barrier to increasing their income is the initial investment. While this may be true in some cases, there are Various methods to make money using free online money-earning sites.
The free online earning websites in Pakistan That most commonly used ones are those who promote freelancing, use cashback programs, or become a registered reseller.
There is a free Earning website in Pakistan for anything a person can dream of selling, from their crafts to skills to content.

Who Can Earn From Free Online Earning Websites In Pakistan

Anyone and everyone who wants to can find some way to earn from free online Earning websites in Pakistan. As long as you have the skills, determination and consistency, you will see your efforts turn into success. You will need internet access and a smart device, be it a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Be sure to be ethical and fair in your dealings to build credibility with your clients and the platform you decide to start your online earning career with.

List of 22 Free Online Earning Websites in Pakistan

The internet is full of free earning websites and applications, however, not all of them are authentic. It is best to choose the platform you want to earn from carefully to avoid scams. Be sure to always use the platform you acquire clients from for all communications and transactions to ensure complete transparency. Additionally, make sure you deliver what you promised, when you said you would, and provide excellent service even after the sale.
Here is a list of 15+ ways you can start earning online using free websites and apps in Pakistan.

1. Markaz Aap

Makarza App is one of the easiest and most reliable of all free online earning websites in Pakistan.
With zero investment, you get access to 10,000+ products spread across 35+ categories to sell just by registering as a reseller on the Markaz App.
The Markaz App is a social commerce platform that connects wholesalers and resellers while taking care of all logistics like procurement, delivery and even payments.
Reseller can view the complete sales rate of all products listed on the app. The reseller has the freedom to keep as much profit above the wholesale rate as he wants while reselling.
The reseller shares the link to the product they have selected with their customers. When a customer places an order using the link provided by the reseller, the profit specified by the reseller goes to them.
This makes the Markaz App one of the best free earning websites in Pakistan.

2. Fiverr

22 Free Earning Websites In Pakistan
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Fiverr is an online freelance website where you can register as a freelancer for free. You have to create and rank gigs on the website and every time you get an order from Fiverr and you complete and deliver it, you get your money.
Fiverr keeps a small percentage of your earnings as a platform fee. Fiverr has over 300 categories across 8 verticals where you can find paid work.
For example, you can sell your skills as a marketing expert, graphic designer, video editor, voice-over artist, etc.

3. Upwork

Upwork is another freelancing platform that is free to use. Upwork is the largest freelancing platform that have over 18 million registered freelancers.
Freelancers and employers can screen each other through interviews and hire the candidates they deem best suited to fulfill their assigned tasks.
On Upwork, people bid on the jobs they want. Jobs are posted by employers and freelancers can also check based on employer ratings.

4. Freelancer

As the name suggests, Freelancer is another freelancing platform. A freelancer offers a lot of flexibility depending on the type of work one wants to take up.
Freelancer also facilitates real-time communication between the freelancer and the client, which makes it very easy to track project progress and clear up any ambiguities that may arise.

5. Etsy

Etsy is a creator’s dream marketplace. Etsy is known for the unique products sold on the platform. It comes as a surprise to many people when they search out that Etsy is indeed one of the free online earning websites in Pakistan.
If you are creative and can sell your creations, Etsy is the perfect place for you. From digital prints to handcrafted fashion accessories and much more, Etsy is a free earning website in Pakistan For us.


YouTube is the most used social platform in the entire world. If you have more than 4,000 hours of video watch time per year and more than 1,000 subscribers YouTube pays you, you are eligible to apply for YouTube Monetization.
On average, YouTube is said to pay 0.18 cents/view when your monetization starts. So create a YouTube channel, start making videos, upload them on your channel and start getting the numbers you need.
To ensure you get a lot of views and subscribers, make sure you know your target audience well and are creating content that provides value.

7. Blogging & Google AdSense

People have been blogging for a long time and turning your blog into a source of income is a great way to make free money online.

You can set up a blog on any blogging platform like Medium.com or WordPress. Write content that people are interested in and start sending traffic to your blog.

The more traffic the more you get paid. You can use your blog to earn through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, banner ads, becoming a reviewer, etc.

8. Daraz.pk

Daraz.pk is one of the biggest and easiest source of earning in the form of commission by driving sales on its platform.

Daraz.pk selects the people they want to work with for this purpose.

If you have a large following on social media or a widely read blog, your chances of getting cut are high. If selected, you can embed links in your content and increase sales of products on Daraz.pk. Daraz.pk pays you a commission on every product purchased through your affiliate link.

9. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback application where if you use the application to make purchases from any of the retailers listed on their platform, you get a certain percentage of your total bill back as cashback.

10. Savyour

Savyour is another cashback application that works to give you back a percentage of your spending if you choose to link your purchases through their website or application.

It takes a few days for the money to be transferred to your Savyour wallet and the money is not so much for you that it is a passive income that you can withdraw periodically.

The best part is that you can withdraw your cashback amount directly to any bank account.

11. Zareklemy -Make Money Online For Free

Don’t we all love watching videos on our Computer , mobile phones, scrolling through TikTok, checking our Instagram, watching videos on YouTube, and using social media platforms to comment, like, share and save content? Is.

Imagine doing all this and getting paid for it! Yes, you read it right, Zareklemy is a platform that gives you rewards for all these and if you are in Pakistan, you can use Payoneer to claim your rewards.

12. Spin & Win Free Cash

As a child, did you enjoy going to carnivals and playing games like Spin the Wheel? Well, if you did, you’re in luck.
Now you can only earn a spinning wheel online.

13. PomPak – Learn To Earn

An initiative of the State Bank of Pakistan, PomPak is an online application that provides financial education. It is a video game that the user plays and making financial decisions takes you through the game to the end.

These financial decisions put you in difficult situations where you need to be financially literate enough to get out.

On completion you get a Financial Literacy Certificate from the State Bank of Pakistan.

14.Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards has made it easy for Pakistan’s people to earn money online. To earn, all you have to do is register on the website and fill a short questionnaire with accurate information about yourself.

Based on the information you provide, Google Opinion Rewards will send you an online survey to complete. You will get $1.00 for every completed survey. Note that the payment method will be based on Play Credits.

15. OpinionAPP (Triaba)

This is an online survey application that requires you to fill a survey. Payments for each completed survey range from $0.13 to $3.25.

16. Fivesquid.com

Fivesquid.com is another free earning website in Pakistan. It works like Fiverr, and Upwork in that it connects freelancers with clients.

The majority of clients on this platform are from the UK and the average base rate for a job is Β£5.

To get a paying client you have to create and rank gigs on Fivesquid.com and you will be hired based on your gigs.

17. Clarity.fm

Clarity.fm is a free-to-use platform for people with any skill set they want to earn.

You can register as a consultant on clarity.fm and set up your profile with details about your expertise and what you can help people with.

An interested customer will contact you and book an appointment with you for a consultation for which you will be paid.

So start earning money for your advice.

18. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that provides learning courses. If you have a skill or expertise in a topic that people are interested in, you can create a course on Udemy.

After your course is created, people can pay a fee to access it. It is a great way to earn money Online from Udemy. You create content once and then every time someone buys your course, you get paid for it.

19. PeoplePerHour

Are you looking for online earning websites in Pakistan? Look no further than PeoplePerHour! This global freelancing platform connects skilled professionals with clients looking for top talent.

PeoplePerHour offers several benefits for Pakistani freelancers:

Diverse Project Categories: PeoplePerHour has a wide range of freelance opportunities from writing and translation to web design and marketing. Regardless of your skill there is a project waiting for you.
Set Your Rates and Choose Projects: Freelancers on PeoplePerHour have the option to set their hourly or project rates. You choose the job that suits your skills and desired income.
Reach a global audience: Don’t limit yourself to local projects. PeoplePerHour connects you with customers around the world, opening doors to exciting opportunities and competitive rates.

With its user-friendly interface and strong focus on project success, PeoplePerHour is the perfect platform for Pakistani freelancers to build their career and earn money online.

20. Guru.com: A Reliable Platform For Real Online Earning In Pakistan

Are you searching for real earning websites in Pakistan? Look no further than Guru.com, a well-established international freelancing platform that connects skilled freelancers with clients looking for top-notch talent. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your freelancing journey, Guru offers a platform to showcase your skills and secure projects that translate into real income.

Here’s what makes Guru a great choice for Pakistani freelancers:

  • Established Reputation: Founded in 1998, Guru has a long track record of success in connecting freelancers and clients. This established platform promotes trust and provides a secure environment for genuine financial transactions.
  • Diverse Project Scope: Guru offers a wide pool of projects across categories, catering to a wide range of skills. From writing and graphic design to web development and marketing, you’ll find projects that perfectly match your skills, allowing you to leverage your strengths and maximize your earning potential.
  • Competitive Pricing: Guru gives you the option to set your own rates, ensuring that you are fairly compensated for your skills and experience. This control over your prices allows you to compete effectively and secure plans that fit your financial goals.
  • Global reach, local focus: Extend your reach beyond local boundaries. Guru connects you to a global client base, opening doors to exciting international projects and potentially higher income opportunities. However, Guru also understands the needs of Pakistani freelancers. With a significant Pakistani customer base, you can find projects specifically tailored to the local market and its unique needs.
  • Streamlined Communication and Collaboration: Guru provides robust communication tools to facilitate seamless interactions with customers. Share files, discuss project details, and ensure project execution, all within a secure platform. This builds trust and client satisfaction, ultimately contributing to positive feedback and repeat business, leading to real revenue streams.

Guru goes beyond just connecting freelancers with projects. They offer a collection of tools and resources to help you build a successful freelancing career. This includes:

  • Detailed Profile Creation: Create a comprehensive profile that showcases your skills, experience and portfolio.
  • Project Management Tools: Guru offers tools to effectively manage your projects, track progress and meet deadlines effectively. This ensures client satisfaction and builds a strong reputation, creating more real earning opportunities.
  • Secure Payment System: Guru provides a secure payment system that protects your earnings. You can receive payments easily and with peace of mind.

Overall, Guru.com is a strong contender among real online free earning websites in Pakistan. With its established reputation, competitive rates , diverse project offerings and focus on both local and global opportunities, Guru empowers Pakistani workers to mean Freelancers to build successful careers and achieve real financial success in the online earning Website.

21. Zeerk: A Reliable Way To Earn Online In Pakistan’s Growing Earning Market

While the search for the absolute “best” earning website in Pakistan can be subjective, Zeerk emerges as a strong contender for those looking for a flexible and accessible option. Unlike traditional freelancing platforms that focus on big projects, Zeerk offers a unique way to earn online in Pakistan.

What is Zeerk?

Zeerk is a micro-tasking platform that allows users to earn money by completing small, online tasks. These tasks, often called “microtasks,” are designed to be quick and easy to complete, typically taking just a few minutes each. Examples of micro tasks on Zeerk might include:

  • Data Entry: Entering information from scanned images or documents into digital formats.
  • Transcription: Converting an audio or video recording into written text.
  • Completing Surveys: Sharing your experiences and opinions on various topics.
  • Content moderation: filtering and reviewing online content for appropriateness.
  • Social media tasks: following accounts, liking posts, or engaging with content.

Why choose Zeerk to earn online in Pakistan?

Here’s what makes Zeerk a great option for Pakistani users who want to generate income online:

  • Flexibility: Zeerk offers unparalleled comfort.  There are no set schedules or deadlines, which allows you to fit micro tasks around your existing commitments. This makes Zeerk ideal for students, stay-at-home parents, or anyone looking for a way to make extra money in their spare time.
  • Accessibility: Zeerk requires minimal technical skills and experience. This makes Zeerk a great option for individuals who are new to earning online or who don’t have extensive technical skills.
  • Instant Income: Unlike freelancing platforms where projects can take weeks or months to complete, Zeerk offers quick earning potential. Micro Tasks are designed to be completed quickly, allowing you to see a return on your time invested relatively quickly.
  • Low barrier to entry: Unlike some freelancing platforms that require an extensive profile creation or bidding process, Zeerk offers a simple sign-up process. You can start browsing and completing micro tasks immediately.

Although Zeerk is not a platform for high-paying, long-term projects, it offers a worthwhile alternative for those looking for a flexible and accessible way to make money online in Pakistan. This is a great option to increase your income, test the waters of online work, or even build a small nest egg.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Earning Potential: Earnings on Zeerk may vary depending on the type and complexity of the microtasks you complete.
  • Time Commitment: The amount of money you earn on Zeerk will depend on the time you dedicate to completing microtasks.

Overall, Zeerk offers a strong option for individuals in Pakistan who want to explore the world of online earning websites. Its flexibility, accessibility, and quick earning potential make it a valuable tool, especially for those looking for a way to make some extra money on their own terms.

22. Unleash your creativity and earn: Shutterstock to earn real online in Pakistan

The Pakistani online earning scenario offers diverse opportunities, and Shutterstock emerges as a great option for those with a creative spark. If you are looking for real online earning websites in Pakistan and wondering how to earn money with your artistic skills, Shutterstock is the place to showcase your skills and turn your creativity into real income. Provides a platform.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a leading stock picture and video Website. It connects entrepreneurs and individuals who need high-quality visual content with the talented partners who create those images and videos. As a contributor to Shutterstock, you can upload your own photos, illustrations, and video footage, and you earn a commission every time someone licenses your work.

Why choose Shutterstock to earn online in Pakistan?
Here’s what makes Shutterstock an attractive option for Pakistani creators who want to make money online:

  • Monetize Your Skills: If you’re a skilled photographer, videographer, or illustrator, Shutterstock allows you to leverage your creativity for financial gain. Every photo or video you upload has the potential to be downloaded and licensed, earning you income.
  • Global Reach: Shutterstock boasts a global audience. By uploading your work to this platform, you gain access to a wider market of potential clients, and significantly increase your earning potential compared to just targeting the local market.
  • Flexible Schedule: There are no fixed working hours at Shutterstock. You can upload your content at your own pace, allowing you to fit creative activities around your existing commitments.
  • Passive Income Potential: Once you upload your content, it is available for purchase on the platform. This means you can potentially earn income even when you’re not actively working, creating a passive income stream.

Getting Started with Shutterstock in Pakistan:

  • Quality matters: Shutterstock maintains high standards for its content. Make sure your photos, illustrations, and videos are high-resolution, well-composed, and adhere to licensing requirements. Invest in good equipment and hone your skills to produce high-quality work.
  • Keyword Research: It is important to understand what type of content is in demand. Use relevant keywords when tagging your uploads to ensure your work is discovered by potential buyers.
  • Consistency is key: the more content you upload, the more likely you are to earn. Contribute fresh and varied visuals regularly to increase your visibility and earning potential.

Although Shutterstock requires skill and dedication to earn a steady income, it offers a legitimate and rewarding avenue for those looking for real online earning websites in Pakistan. By leveraging your creativity and strategic uploading methods, you can turn your passion into a source of income on this global platform.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Earnings Potential: Earnings on Shutterstock may vary depending on the number of downloads, type of license and other factors. It’s important to manage expectations and understand that building a successful portfolio and generating steady income takes time and effort.
  • Competition: The stock photo and video market is competitive. However, by using high-quality content, using strategic keywords, and focusing on specific areas, you can stand out from the crowd.
  • If you have the skills and dedication, Shutterstock can be a valuable platform in your journey to earn money online in Pakistan.


22 Free Earning Websites In Pakistan
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Online earning is the future because it is easily accessible and anyone can do it from anywhere in the world including Pakistan.

All people need to know is which free earning website to use in Pakistan and what they can do to benefit from it.

From offering one’s services to selling products, from filling surveys to spinning wheels, the Internet is full of opportunities for those who want to earn without investment.

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