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Downwell is an inquisitive game with regards to a little youngster wandering down a well looking for untold fortunes with just his Gumboots to safeguard him. Advance further and further down into the dimness loaded up with dreadful animals and baffling mysteries to gather the fantastic red jewels dissipated with regards to the stones. 

Venture into dubiously positioned shops and get a few accommodating things or level up between levels to fight well-staying beasts and uncover stowed away caverns loaded up with wealth and relics. No two outings down the well are ever something very similar!

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Basic, Responsive Controls – Designed for portable from the beginning, Downwell is given natural and exquisite controls that take into account activity pressed ongoing interaction utilizing only three buttons.

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The Amazing Gunboots – The trendy and deadly Gunboots permit players to release a deluge of capability on the dreadful animals staying in the well and slow your respectable with each shot.

Novel Weapons and Items – Get various weapons, search for unconventional things and get strong overhauls that all stack and influence the manner in which you play!

A New Adventure Every Time – Each level in Downwell is procedurally produced, so no two excursions down the well are ever the equivalent giving a new experience each time!

Music by Eirik Suhrke. Sound Design by Joonas Turner.

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