9 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles According To Experts

This is the correct answer for my type! Once you have identified the cause of dark circles under your eyes, the most important area for brightening your dark complexion, try applying an appropriate solution. Introducing 9 dark circle treatments that you can try at home or at the hospital.

If you have not yet analyzed the exact cause of dull and dark circles under your eyes, we recommend that you read the first part of the article described above. There are many causes of dark circles. Stress, lack of sleep Sometimes, your skin may be thinner than other people. Once you have identified the cause, it is important to apply a treatment that is right for you.

Dermatologist met by Allure

• Bradley Glodny , board-certified dermatologist and founder of Park Avenue Dermatology in New York City
• Karan Lal , board-certified pediatric and cosmetic dermatologist in Arizona
• Rachel Nazarian ( Rachel Nazarian ) : Board-certified dermatologist in New York City
• Rebecca Tung : Board-certified dermatologist living in Florida • Arash
Akhavan : ‘Dermatology & Laser Group’ Founder and dermatologist

Can you get rid of dark circles at home?

If you want to get rid of dark circles as effectively as possible at home, we recommend that you first identify the root cause of your skin and use a product with the right ingredients. If you identify the root cause and take care of it, not only dark circles but other skin concerns can be resolved!

1. Thin skin – mild retinol eye cream

The thinner the skin, the more transparent dark circles can be under the dermal layer. If you think dark circles are particularly noticeable due to thin skin, we recommend an eye cream containing retinol. Because the skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the overall skin, we recommend using a mild retinol. “Consistent use of retinol can stimulate collagen production and make your skin more elastic,” explains New York dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian.

2. Hyperpigmentation – Retinol, niacinamide cream

If you use retinol consistently, it can help improve dull skin around the eyes due to hyperpigmentation. This effect causes dark circles to fade as new skin cells are created by continuously stimulating collagen. Yes, this is skin science itself. Once you feel that your skin has become accustomed to retinol, try a cream that combines niacinamide, retinoids, and AHAs.

3. If the skin itself is dark – brightening ingredient

It is said that dark-toned skin is more likely to develop dark circles than light-toned skin . Dr. Nazarian recommended that those with insufficient melanin focus on skin care containing brightening ingredients. The best whiteners are vitamin C and licorice. As you use it repeatedly over a long period of time, it will do a great job of brightening your dark skin tone. However, remember that no matter what product you use, it will be less effective if you do not apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Sunscreen is essential to prevent the skin around your eyes from darkening.

4. Wrong lifestyle habits – change your sleeping habits

If your dark circles worsen every morning and are accompanied by swelling and sagging, you need to change your sleeping position. If you are the type of person who is more prone to swelling and inflammation than others, as suggested by Dr. Rebecca Tung, it is recommended to use a pillow of an appropriate height to prevent lymph fluid from accumulating or muscles from bunching up during the night. If your pillow is too low or your sleeping posture is incorrect, try switching to a cervical pillow to reduce neck pain.

5. Frequent rubbing of eyes – check for allergic reaction

If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes frequently, dark circles may become worse. Dr. Bradley Glodny recommends improving these bad habits and approaching them as a fundamental solution before treating dark circles. “If you have allergic rhinitis or sinusitis, you may have dark shadows under your eyes.” In severe cases of itching and pruritus, sinus bleeding may occur. It is recommended that you take antihistamines or use anti-allergy bedding.

Can you get rid of dark circles permanently?

If treating dark circles at home seems time-consuming and cumbersome, you may want to consider another method. This is to try a professional dermatological procedure. Unfortunately, dark circles cannot be permanently eliminated. However, if you want dramatic results right away, we suggest seeking treatment at a hospital.

1. Filler

Be careful. This method is not suitable for everyone. I repeat once again. Under-eye fillers are not for everyone. Dr. Karan Lal explained that the people best suited for under-eye fillers are those with sunken bones around the eyes. In addition, he said, “Because it is a difficult procedure, I recommend that you do your research especially well before getting filler under the eyes. “Many people get worse dark circles or excessive swelling of the skin around their eyes due to incorrect procedures,” he said.

2. Chemical peeling

If you have used whitening products at home several times without any significant results, we recommend that you see a dermatologist. Dr. Karan recommended that you get a professional chemical peel to break down dead cells and make the skin under your eyes brighter and smoother.

3.Laser treatment

Laser treatment has several purposes. First, by stimulating collagen production and increasing skin volume and elasticity, dark circles can be expected to be alleviated. Second, a method to improve dark circles by directly breaking down dark pigment particles. Third, to lighten hyperpigmentation in the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles. Dermatologist Dr. Karan recommends trying laser treatment for any purpose, whether you want to improve blood vessels under the skin to brighten the area under your eyes.

4.Skin booster injection

‘Skin Booster’ is a treatment that injects hyaluronic acid into the skin and actively works to instantly supply moisture. In fact, this is a procedure that has become very popular in Europe as well as in Korea. In 2023, the first FDA-approved ‘Skin Vibe’ treatment was developed in the United States. Dr. Arash Akhavan mentioned Skin Vibe as “an effective method that lasts for 6 months with a single treatment,” and added, “It injects an excellent hyaluronic acid serum into the skin immediately.”

As explained earlier, there are many different ways to treat and improve dark circles, both at home and in the hospital. Which method is best depends on each person’s choice, but if you are hesitant to try the methods introduced, we recommend focusing on your skin care as much as possible and using makeup products as supplements. The truth is that there is no magical tool that can quickly hide dark circles like concealer! New, highly effective makeup products that penetrate deep into the skin and supply nutrients are constantly being released. Get more information through the article below!

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