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Explore Free Comprehensive WordPress Courses & Tutorials in Urdu Language

Discover the power of WordPress, an open-source platform utilized by millions globally to craft stunning, adaptable websites and engaging blogs. This versatile system allows complete customization through themes and plugins, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Unlock the potential of WordPress for multifaceted, personalized websites. Whether it’s crafting a blog, showcasing a personal portfolio, establishing a corporate business hub, initiating a forum, creating a classifieds platform, delving into E-Commerce, or building a dynamic business website to showcase products and services – WordPress empowers these endeavors and more.

Our course dives deep into WordPress, unraveling its essential features and showcasing diverse customizations. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll possess the expertise to craft professional-grade WordPress websites for yourself and your clientele.

Tailored for both Coders and non-Coders, this comprehensive course spans from installation to customization and deployment, ensuring a holistic understanding of WordPress’s capabilities.

An exciting aspect? You’ll have the opportunity to connect with accomplished WordPress Developers, Designers, and Agency Owners from Pakistan. They’ll share insights into leveraging this platform to transform lives and achieve success with WordPress.

What you will learn

After completing this course, You will be able to :

  • Set up the system to run WordPress
  • Navigate WordPress installation and explore its Dashboard
  • Customize the appearance using themes
  • Utilize default content types effectively
  • Develop custom content types
  • Select, install, and optimize diverse WordPress themes and plugins
  • Leverage a Page builder like Elementor for website customization
  • Employ Menus, Sidebars & Widgets efficiently
  • Effectively manage user roles in WordPress
  • Execute Backup, Restoration, and Migration of WordPress sites
  • Enhance WordPress site speed and security
  • Gain introductory knowledge of jQuery, HTML, CSS & PHP
  • Work on WordPress templates and understand template hierarchy
  • Master WordPress Child themes
  • Create a basic WordPress plugin
  • Convert HTML to WordPress seamlessly
  • Set up E-Commerce sites using WooCommerce
  • Establish an LMS (Learning Management System) site
  • Create a Membership site
  • Monetize knowledge gained from the course for financial gain.

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