Cancer affects mental health

Cancer affects mental health  Like other chronic degenerative diseases, cancer affects mental health tremendously. psychological effects of cancer Did you know that cancer affects your mental health? Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world, with 18.1 million new diagnoses in 2018 alone. Furthermore, the number of patients is expected to continue … Read more

6 foods for glowing skin

6 foods for glowing skin For sparkling skin, you need to take food sources plentiful in nutrients and minerals and deal with your skin from within. 6 foods for glowing skin 5 ways to manage your heart health with aloe vera 5 tips for getting a good night’s sleep when struggling with severe eczema The … Read more

Quality sleep to prevent brain disease

 Quality sleep to prevent brain disease A research center in Barcelona provides evidence that good sleep is essential to prevent brain disease. Indeed, several studies over the years have reached similar conclusions.  Quality sleep to prevent brain disease On February 19, 2020, the scientific journal PLOS One published a new study on the importance of quality sleep. According to these publications, there … Read more