Top 5 Best Credit Cards of Pakistan in 2023

Here is a list of top 5 Best credit cards in Pakistan, followed by details of best credit cards in Pakistan, the details provided along with the card types, advantages and disadvantages.

Pakistan has shown significant growth in digital payments, with the best credit cards you can get amazing offers and discounts.

In this Website, we have tried to consolidate the scattered information about credit cards.

Top 5 Best credit cards

Balance Transfer Credit Card: With a balance transfer credit card, you can transfer credit to another card to pay off your credit and debts. For the customer’s attention, the balance may be 0% interest rate or the minimum interest rate set by the bank as an initial offer.

Cashback Credit Card: With a cashback credit card, you get rewards for using it. Many banks have designed this card in such a way that it provides maximum value added services to its customers. The high percentage of multiple versions and the low annual cost make this card attractive to consumers.

Reward Credit Card: Rewards Credit Card gives your customer a chance to get something in return. For consumers who shop regularly, a smart decision with a credit card helps a lot in the savings department. Also, different banks have different premium cards. Consumers should consider credit cards with rewards in detail and choose the best card.

Discount Credit Cards: Along with discount credit cards (a type of reward), many banks offer huge discounts on certain items to make their cards attractive and user-friendly. Consumers have to look for the best discount on their daily purchases across various banks.
Discount Credit Cards: Along with discount credit cards (a type of reward), many banks offer huge discounts on certain items to make their cards attractive and user-friendly. Consumers have to look for the best discount on their daily purchases across various banks.

Travel Credit Cards: By using special credit cards that offer travel-related benefits, a consumer can save a significant amount. These cards are designed to provide stress free travel and relaxation to the users. With financial commitments printed, you can enjoy your travels anywhere in the world.

how to apply for credit card in pakistan

To apply for a credit card, approach the helpline of the respective banks or apply online at the banks’ sites, credit cards are generally offered to salaried and business men with certain terms and conditions.
For Bank Al Falah credit card.
• For Faysal Bank Credit Card
• For MCB Bank Credit Card.
For standard chartered credit cards.
• For Habib Bank Credit Card.
• For UBL credit cards.
Generally, a person with a monthly salary of 35K and above is entertained for a credit card.

Top 5 Best credit cards in pakistan
bank al falah credit card

Bank Alflah Credit Card’s

Bank Al Falah offers a variety of credit cards Bank Al Falah offers chip-based Visa and MasterCard global payment gateways. Banks offer seven different types of credit cards out of which the most attractive card is the Ultra Cashback credit card which offers 7.5% cashback on various categories (shopping, dining, fuel etc.). One can get 18,000 PKR annual cashback.
Another major alternative to the Al Falah credit card is that it offers orbital points that can be easily redeemed through its mobile application. Banks offer seven different types of credit cards i. Platinum, Gold, Classic, Cashback Ultra, American Express, Titanium and Corporate Cards.

A very useful feature of Bank Al Falah Credit is providing markup free easy installment plan, Alfa Mall provides latest mobile phones, electronic items and some other useful items.
Bank Al Falah MasterCard Optimus Credit Card
The Bank Al Falah MasterCard Optimus Credit Card is a unique offer specially designed for the youth!
Live, customize and enjoy your life the way you want.

Live your life to the fullest with the new Bank Al Falah MasterCard Optimus Credit Card! Whether you’re into dining out, shopping, traveling or entertaining, the brand new Bank Al Falah MasterCard Optimus Credit Card gives you more options than you can imagine.

Up to 50% cashback can be availed on the Netflix streaming service and a one-time subscription can be availed using your Bank Al Falah Mastercard Optimus credit card.

Bank Al Falah MasterCard Optimus offers credit card loans with 0% markup for a period of 3 months.

The credit card also offers Madari Rewards on local, overseas and e-commerce transactions with 1st, 2nd and 2nd Madaris on spending up to Rs.200.

Using this credit card, you can get up to 40% off across the country on shopping, dining and refueling.

Using this Bank Al Falah credit card, you can access the CIP lounge for free internet and breakfast at the airport.

10% off and cashback can be availed at and using this credit card.
Faysal Bank Credit Card
Faysal Bank offers a wide range of credit cards Faysal Bank offers a wide range of discounts to achieve maximum customer satisfaction Faisal Bank offers one point on purchase One point on purchase of Rs.25 is offered and its cost is Rs 0.20. Which can be used at various outlets across the country.

Faysal offers bank offers, dial draft facility, balance transfer facility, cash advance and utility bill payment facility.

The annual service charges for Standard, Gold and Titanium are PKR 3500, 6000 and 7000 respectively, this fee is charged once in a year and you can get it back by spending some dedicated amount on your expenses.

Faysal Bank also offers 0% markup installment plan for electronic accessories along with various payment plans.
Faysal Bank offers only in major cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar and few other major cities.

Faysal Bank offers cash limit of 45% of the total prescribed limit, cash can be withdrawn from ATM machines.

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) Credit Card
MCB Bank offers three types of credit cards, Classic, Gold and Titanium, which are the main features of MCB Credit Card, these can be availed at any location or any branch in Pakistan.

MCB offers a cash limit of 75% of the prescribed limit, with MCB Bank Credit Card you can pay utility bills across all utility areas.
MCB offers tuition fee payment for three months installment plans.

MCB Visa Credit Card, rewarded with points on every transaction (1 point for Rs.50)
Customers can redeem their reward points for any product of their choice from the iShop catalog.

MCB also offers the Priority Pass program, the world’s largest independent airport VIP lounge program, with MCB cards giving you access to over 600 lounges around the world.
Today is offering 0% markup installment plan for 12 months only on MCB credit cards.
MCB also offers insurance plans for many items like fraud, theft, life, education etc.
Standard Chartered Credit Card
SCB offers four types of credit cards: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium, Standard Chartered Credit Cards can be used at over 50,000 establishments in Pakistan and millions of locations across the world.

For every Rs.50 you spend on your credit card, the bank offers 1 reward point, and these reward points can be redeemed for many exciting gifts in their rewards catalogue.

The bank offers a cash limit of 30% of the prescribed limit on Visa Gold and Classic and other cards. Another useful feature of the SCB credit card is that you can transfer your other credit card balances to your Standard Chartered credit card on both Visa and Mastercard at a nominal finance charge of 3.25% per month.

Titanium Credit Card offers 5% cashback on refueling and a supermarket customer can earn 10,000 PKR annually. The card also offers 3% cashback at electronic outlets.
SCB cards provide free access to CIP lounges at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad airports.

Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards are offered only in select cities of Pakistan, it is mandatory that each applicant has the same address for work and residence.
Habib Bank Credit Card
HBL offers Platinum, Gold, Green and Fuel Saver Credit Cards in Pakistan HBL Credit Cards are accepted at millions of outlets across the world, making shopping more exciting by providing discount offers.

HBL Fuel Saver Green and Gold Credit Cards offer 3% and 5% cashback on total card spend, with Gold and Green Card having an annual fee of Rs.6000 and Rs.3000 respectively.

HBL offers one redeemable point on spending Rs.25, all these earned points can be redeemed through its rewards catalog, HBL offers 3x more points with Platinum cards, this reward program is not applicable on fuel saver cards it happens.

The annual fee is refundable on spending Rs 25,000 in three months.

United bank credit card
L offers Platinum, PSO and Chip based credit cards, UBL PSO cards are very attractive.
PSO credit cards offer you a host of unique features and exceptional benefits, making it the most profitable card in town. You get a refund every time you buy fuel with your own UBL PSO Credit Card.
5% cashback is applicable if PSO UBL auto credit is redeemed at PSO service stations only. (5% cashback per user per month subject to a maximum of Rs.1250.)

1% cashback is applicable if the PSO UBL Car Credit Card is swapped at all stores. (1% cashback per user subject to maximum amount of Rs.1,000 per month)

Customers with Platinum credit cards are rewarded with airmail. For every Rs.50/- spent domestically, customers get one reward point and 3x rewards on overseas spend.

The UBL card provides free access to CIP lounges at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Multan airports, with a guest on international travel assuming membership of over 1,000 VIP airport lounges internationally.

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