Join Pakistan Air Force as PAF Officer Jobs 2021 ||Join PAF advertisement 2021

Join Pakistan Air Force as PAF Officer Jobs 2021 ||Join PAF advertisement 2021

Join Pakistan Air Force as PAF Officer Jobs 2021 was done in Pakistan Air Force on 21 November 2021 through Daily Express Paper. Interested Pakistani citizens with a medical background can join the Pakistan Air Force as officers of the PAF Medical Branch. Male and female candidates can register online.


Identity: Male / Female Residents of Pakistan Age on April 10, 2022: 29-48 years

Rank: Squadron Leader | Duration of training: 24 weeks.


MBBS Specialization in at least Second Dave or one and the same subjects

Pakistani / foreign clinical school / college considered by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council

(PM & DC / PMC).

  • Urologist: FCPS / FRCS / American Diplomat Board.
  • Anesthetist FCPS / FRCA / Diplomatic American Board / MS.
  • ENT FCPS / MRCS (ENT) / FRCS (ENT) / Diplomat American Board / MS.
  • Phonologist: Same ability in FCPS / FRCP / Pulmonology / MD.
  • Neurosurgeons: FCPS / FRCS / MRCS.
  • Medical Branch (GDMOs) (SPSSC)

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Identity: Male resident of Pakistan Age 10 April 2022: 24-28 years Status: Flight Lieutenant

Preparation period: 24 weeks.


At least second division or comparison of MBBS with Pakistani / foreign clinical school/college considered by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM and DC / PMC) Have completed at least one year’s work.  Also People with relevant field insights will be learned after homework.

Disqualification Conditions Jobs as PAF Officer in Pakistan Air Force

A competitor is ineligible if he/she is.

Rejected by ISSB / GHQ / NHQ / AHO election sheets.

Twice dismissed by ISSB for postgraduate admission.

Dismissed twice by ISSB for Halfway / Graduate (PMA / Graduate / SEM) and once dismissed by selection sheets based on ISSB or GHO / NHQ / AHQ.

Dismissed once through ISSB for halfway / graduate (PMA / graduate/equivalent) and once through ISSB or GHQ / NHQ / AHQ based assessment sheets.

Twice screened by ISSB.

Including dismissed/removed/deviated from government services

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Armed Forces.

  • Past appearances were checked in the ISSB within four months (120 days), except for the waiver allowed by the Skilled Force. However, the 120-day bar will not relate to the ups and downs shown on the GHQ / NHQ / AHQ election sheets.
  • Convicted in court for any serious crime (to be investigated by further military force)
  • UNFIT declared permanently by appeal! Clinical Board (PUF through AMB).
  • Medically diagnosed with Hepatitis 8 and C (AMB not mentioned).
  • Withdraw from any strong-armed forces school/foundation on disciplinary grounds.
  • Buy / Release / Surrender or Discharge any Academy of Armed Forces Officers / Training Foundation on any land.
  • Acquiring academic credentials/fraud/disguise for excessive gain will permanently disqualify a candidate for a difficult type of commission in the Armed Forces.
  • Returns scattered, bogus, or unfair data.
  • The screening was done three times by Army / Navy / Air Force during the basic selection.

Applicants should be in control of NADRA smart card selection process.

  • Online registration at
  • Academic test after academic examination in separate and important subjects in SC.
  • And initiate clinical evaluation and meetings in SC
  • The mental test of the shortlisted climbers was like this.
  • Meet the AHQ Special Selection Board first.
  • Final medical diagnosis at CMB, Lahore.
  • Meet the Second AHQ Special Selection Board.
  • The final selection was made on merit by AHQ.


  • Deep Competitive Compensation Bundle
  • Free medical treatment for yourself and your family
  • Preparation and posting in different urban areas of Pakistan and abroad
  • Free Convenience and Half Discount in Charge by Train and Air Travel
  • Registration of Air Force Officer Housing Scheme (AFOHS).

For additional details, contact any of the existing PAF Information and Selection Centers along with all the unique educational certificates and imprint sheets, 02 identity size certified photographs, and NADRA Smart Card itself. The old NIC / Form B is not satisfactory.

Abbottabad: 310-Mansehra Road, Near Ayub Medical Complex Phone: 0992-385157,385 166

Faisalabad: Main Jhang Road, Near Airport Chowk Phone: 041-9201199,2577799

Hyderabad: 49-Salahuddin Road. Cantt Phone: 022-920093

Karachi: Main Street Faisal (Near PAF Base) Faisal Phone: 021- $ 9240999

Multan: 217-Sher Shah Road Phone: 061-9201183-9201795

Mianwali: Fazaia Road, Opposite Customs Office Phone: 0459-350226

Dalkhan: Fazal Atahi Shaheed Road, Near Bus Stand Phone: 0966-9280311

Peshawar: 9-The Mall, Peshawar Cantt Phone: 091-9210829,5286329

Quetta: MA Jinnah Road Phone: 081-92017531

Rawalpindi: 3-The Mall, opposite AFIC Phy 051-5701143,5701257-58

Sukkur: Opposite Government Islamia College, Minara Road Phone: 071-9310409


Join Pakistan Air Force as PAF Officer Jobs 2021 Join PAF advertisement 2021:

نوٹ: آپ کا ایک شیٰیر کسی کی زندگی بدل سکتا ہے
صدقہ جاریہ سمجھ کر شییر کریں
اپنا اور اپنے پیاروں کا خیال رکھیں

Join Pakistan Air Force as PAF Officer Jobs 2021 ||Join PAF advertisement 2021

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