The Pirate Prince Story | Stories for Teenagers | English Fairy Tales stories

The Pirate Prince Story | Stories for Teenagers | English Fairy Tales stories

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The Pirate Prince Story English Fairy Tales

The Pirate Prince Story | Stories for Teenagers | English Fairy Tales

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Ertugrul Ghazi novel

he is not a myth he is a legend dressed

in the mist a mysterious tale
he will come
he will conquer
wipe away the darkness with his light
his bravery
we will all hail
yes but my mother tells me he is dead
the prophecy of the great wizard of
produce can never be wrong our prince
our savior will come
yes lisey’s story
I am sorry but I am new in this kingdom
I don’t know what’s going on
ah well kid 
you will now
once upon a time
our produce was a very peaceful kingdom
unlike what it is now the king and the
the queen was very kind and generous and
were loved by all the kingdom’s
happiness knew no bounds when the queen
gave birth to a baby boy
he was named
flash firefly lane
and oh how adorable he was
the future of produce the hope of our
citizens here is your future king
friends flash
oh how beautiful was the following
decade storytelling
but then
lex grail
the king’s distant cousin
attacked photos in the dead of the night
and took the kingdom down by surprise
the king and the queen were held captive
and the prince who was only 10 years old
was never seen again that was 11 years
ago but how do you know he is still
the great wizard of Protoss can never be
no one’s seen him either whatever
for the citizens of protos fear came as
crashing waves every day
11 years under a tyrannical ruler and
the taste of salty tears and yet they
some more some less
but hoped they did
all of them
that their prince would come back one
and liberate
they’ll them
your ship smoothly through the sea
hardly hardly hardly harm the seas but a
boom boom bulldozed buggers bringing all
the fish       
merrily merrily merrily merrily
Welcome to colter captain eagle pardon
the angry faces of my crew you see they
don’t believe that a 21-year-old boy
can be the leader of the entire pirate
but they’re gonna have to fight me
relax I’m just messing with y’all I will
not impose my kingship upon anyone
you’re free to join me or not
so you are the pirate prince you can
call me
fine flash cultiva will bow down to you
if you can defeat the undefeatable no
never go on the one-eyed lizard that
lives behind the mountain have been
troubling cultists for ages
women children animals all have been
prey to its insatiable hunger we’ve
tried several times but defeating it is
impossible if you can
show me the way
the pirate prince was ushered to the
that would take him across the pit
and lead him to the nest of the one-eyed
boldly he marched forward
while his crew and the pirates of kola
waited on the other side
they watched him cross the bridge and
then disappear behind the trees
look at what we have here
if you’re planning to eat me
know that I’m very bitter really
I like bitter
you are gonna die
you know that
and who’s gonna fight me
flash smiled and began to take his steps
back oh now you’re running away yeah
what happened to probably finish may
the giant lizard did not realize that
they were out in the sun
flash removed a mirror from his pocket
and pointed it towards the beast
the light from the sun
sent a strong reflection upon hitting
the mirror
and fell
on the lizard so i
he tried to cover his eye
but his hands were too small to reach it
and that was the end of him
all cheered for the pirate prince and
captain rex sealed his alliance with
flash the pirate prince the pirate
prince the pirate prince the pirate
prince the pirate prince all right
listen up from now on you will not rob
fishermen tradesmen and anyone who works
hard in the sea to make a living instead
we will attack the main enemy throw your
vessels or produce
over the next few months
several of the royal ships were seized
and ransacked
the loots were then distributed
amongst the pirate’s poor fishermen
and boaters
every night flash would watch his
long-lost kingdom
mother father do not worry I will set
you free soon I will come for you in my
kingdom I just have one thing to take
care of before I come for you flash knew
that in order to attack photos he needed
a very big army
while almost all of the pirate clans
had accepted him as their leader
the biggest
and the fiercest one
the tomo
had still not bowed down to him
papa I need your help
my son finally comes to me asking for
only seven years ago you were a little
the boy washed up on the shore of leos
and now look at you
the prince of the pirates
proud of you my boy
I can never be grateful enough for what
you’ve done for me
I owe you, my life papa
you are my son
ask me
what do you need
and so
flash began to tell papa pirate all
about his plan
good idea
sealing an alliance through marriage
you are not only brave but smart I will
go to tomo tomorrow
the next day papa pirate along with his
reached tomu island
where pirate regal
welcomed them with open arms
without wasting much time
papa pirate told regal the purpose of
his visit
and the pirate was very happy
my daughter rila and your son flesh i
couldn’t be happier
let the feasts begin
flash disguised as a worker
enter the kingdom of produce to find
where his parents have been kept captive
why is it so humid today oh you’re new
it’s humid another day yeah I’m new here
joined yesterday ah
a newbie better watch out the king is
very intolerant
are you crazy don’t say such things to a
stranger, he might tell the king don’t
the worry I won’t I know the king is an evil
man oh that he is
I wonder when our prince will come
he will
soon flash realized that more than him
the people of his kingdom
wanted him to avenge photos

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