8 exercises to effectively lose thigh fat

8 exercises to effectively lose thigh fat

When you eat a lot of flour or fatty foods, you may feel strangely steaming from your thighs. When I look in the mirror without knowing myself, the circumference of my thighs suddenly becomes wider, and the pants I wore often do not fit.

8 exercises to effectively lose thigh fat
exercise to lose thigh fat in 1 week

If you exercise in the wrong way to make your thighs slimmer, you may get a fatal wound that gets thicker than it is now. 

More than 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day is basic, and walking faster than running is good for the diet. I also lost more than 30kg by walking quickly. 

If you want to wear skinny hot pants like others, you can get good results by following the steps below. Whenever you have time, you should take a break to be effective. From now on, let’s make it a habit by following the following 8 movements step by step.

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1. Side lunge

The point is to spread your legs shoulder-width apart, place the centre of gravity in the centre, and take your right foot outward while bending your left knee. Just do 5 sets of 20.

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The basic principle is to fill your thighs with muscles in the right way to increase your basal metabolism, burn fat, and put your muscles in to prevent fat from entering. 

2. Plie Squat

Squats are a great way to burn your thighs. You can do squats without going to the gym. Plie squat spreads the legs wider than the shoulders, straightens the waist, and slowly descends so that the legs are 90 degrees. Just take the same posture as in the picture. The shape of the hand looks a little like an Instagram emoticon, but you have to do that. This also does the same set as above. 5 sets of 20

3. Skating hop

This is a drastic move. As if she became Kim Yu-na, she moves her feet from side to side alternately as if she was skating. This exercise is an exercise that uses the entire leg, and it moves alternately 20 times from side to side. The point is that it moves like lightning.

4. Lifting the legs

This movement is a posture that allows you to exercise while watching TV at home. Lie on your side, straighten your legs, put your hips as much as possible, and repeat that only your legs are raised and lowered. Repeat 5 sets of 20 each. When you do this exercise, the contours of your thighs become pretty.

5. Draw a circle with legs

The fifth exercise method is more effective as the size of the circle increases. Lie down looking at the sky. Then, while lying down, raise only one leg and move it in a large circle in the air. This is done in 5 sets of 15 reps.

6. Fire Hydrant Kicks

In the cat position, straighten your back and stretch your legs back as if kicking. This is also repeated in 5 sets of 20 reps. When the left foot is over, do the same with the right foot.

7. Lunge

The lunge is a very good exercise to lose weight in your thighs. Keep your stride wider and keep your heels away from the ground. It is usually good to make the same posture as B by removing the right foot from the A posture. One thing to note here is that your knees should not touch the ground.

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Let’s learn the posture properly by watching the video above. I think the video with a link is the best among the ways to lunge. It’s a good posture for a woman to learn. Even speaking English, let’s pay attention to her posture.

8. The best exercise to lose thigh fat is to squat

It is a squat that can be called a flower to remove the thigh meat. It’s only a matter of time before this exercise alone makes your legs look beautiful. If you keep it for about two weeks, you will experience getting your legs getting more beautiful. Please follow along while watching the video below. This is a very useful video.

It could be called a bare body squat. The most important thing when doing this exercise is that your knees should never come forward when sitting. Straighten your waist as much as possible, and when you come up, give your hips stronger and come up. You can follow the hand like the model in the video.

Exercise is exercise, but food is also important. You should avoid flour, sugar, and fast food to expect good results. When you just eat food, your body just starts to grow. You need to eat nutritious and good food to have a good body.

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