9 super-easy diets that can be continued without difficulty

9 super-easy diets that can be continued without difficulty

9 super-easy diets that can be continued without difficulty
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A diet is the first to succeed with an approach from both diet and exercise. But when I’m busy, I can’t go to the gym, and it’s hard to calculate calories every time I cook. Therefore, I chose a recipe that is easy to continue and has a high diet effect. Here are some recommended diet methods that even those who are busy with work every day can do. Practice a stress-free and easy diet and start building your ideal body without rebounding.


Before you start a diet, such as exercising or dieting, there are some things you should understand first. That is your daily target calorie intake. The balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption is important for a successful diet. The calories a person consumes in a day, even if they are of the same age and gender, differ depending on the work content and the person’s basal metabolismRather than blindly exercising hard or restricting your diet, you should first know your body correctly, understand “how much exercise you need” and “how much you can eat”, and balance well on the way. Therefore, this time, we will introduce “exercise/exercise to increase calorie consumption”, “review of diet/recipe to reduce calorie intake”, and “how to prepare mentality to maintain motivation“. Let’s check in order!

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An easy diet with exercise/exercise

Exercise is essential to losing weight beautifully. But if you don’t have time to go to the gym, here are some simple exercises you can do in your daily life or at home.

Easy diet 1: Diet walking just to breathe

Breathing that you don’t usually notice. Did you know that just changing your breathing method can lead to a diet?

The body has a mechanism to burn fat with the help of “oxygen” taken in. However, when I’m concentrating on my work at my desk, my breathing tends to be shallow. If you breathe lightly, you will not be able to get enough oxygen into your body. Be aware of abdominal breathing, which allows you to breathe deeply, and make your body easy to consume energy even in daily activities. 

Also, please practise “deep breathing walking” where you take a deep breath while following the walking rhythm. Deep breathing walking is a combination of “walking” + “breathing” rhythmic exercise. It is said that when you exercise rhythm, a hormone called “serotonin” that lowers nerves is released, and it is effective not only for dieting but also for stress release and mood refreshment.

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Easy diet 2: Muscle training effect just by correcting your posture

I know that muscle training and exercise are important for dieting, but a posture diet is recommended for those who do not continue or are not good at exercising. It is a method of doing muscle training by stretching the spine and keeping the correct posture.
It’s easy to do. Simply pull your shoulders back, stretch your back naturally, dent your stomach, pull up, and tighten your buttocks. This alone will give you a beautiful posture that makes you look thin.
On the other hand, the back is rounded, and the “cat-backed shoulders” with the shoulders protruding forward and wrapped inward are in a fat posture. Be especially careful if you are always working on your computer or looking at your smartphone all the time! In this position, the abdomen is weakened, so the lower abdomen is popped and the front of the thighs is stretched and thickened, and the body line collapses. If you have any idea, practice it now!

Easy diet 3: 5 minutes a day desk stretch

In winter, there are many people who get stiff around the shoulder blades.
Actually, the area around the shoulder blades is related not only to stiff shoulders but also to diet. There are brown fat cells around the neck and shoulder blades that burn fat, and if these brown fat cells work properly, the fat will be burned easily, making the body easy to lose weight. In other words, if you stretch around the scapula, which has a lot of brown fat cells, and activates the brown fat cells, you can expect not only stiff shoulders but also a fat-burning effect.
It’s very easy to do. Stand with your legs spread across your shoulders, cross your hands in front of your body, raise your elbows to the top of your head, and bring them as far back as possible. In that state, rotate your upper body back and forth and left and right. You can do it at your desk for 5 minutes a day! There was a way to get rid of stiff shoulders and burn fat

Easy diet 4: Easy exercise that works around the abdomen

There should be many people who are worried about abdominal circumference. Introducing a simple exercise recommended for those who want to have a firm stomach but cannot continue hard muscle training. It is an “abdominal muscle that just collapses” that can be done just by preparing a bath towel.
After sitting on the waist with a rolled bath towel, slowly tilt your upper body back toward the towel and return your upper body as if you were bouncing on the towel. Let’s rhythmically aim for 40 times a day x 2 sets.
You should be able to feel the effect in about 3 weeks. Why don’t you continue aiming for your abdominal muscles?

Easy diet by reviewing meals and recipes

Not only exercise but also eating habits are important for dieting. However, it seems that many people are not good at troublesome calorie calculation and time-consuming cooking. Therefore, I will introduce a recipe that is simple and has a high diet effect.
Easy diet 5: Arrange vermicelli soup

Vermicelli, a dieter’s ally. The easy-to-use, low-calorie vermicelli soup is a great addition to eating late at night without feeling guilty.
If you get tired of the usual chicken-flavoured vermicelli soup, why not give it a try? Add coconut milk and curry powder for a Thai curry flavour. Add nam pla, chopped coriander, sliced ​​red pepper, and lemon juice for a tom yum Kung flavour.
I’m happy that you can easily enjoy the Asian mood and eat without worrying about calories.

Easy diet 6: Onion yoghurt

Adjusting the intestinal environment is also effective for dieting. When the action of intestinal bacteria is activated, the metabolic function may increase and appetite may be suppressed.
For that purpose, it is important to take dietary fibre that increases the food of intestinal bacteria. And the point is to take in live microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.
“Onion yoghurt,” which allows you to make yoghurt with plenty of bifidobacteria and onions rich in water-soluble dietary fibre, is the best menu for adjusting the intestinal flora. Simply microwave the spicy sliced ​​onions, add yoghurt and salt, and let it sit overnight. You can eat it as it is, mix it with curry, or arrange it.

Easy diet 7: Costco hummus for lunch

Do you know “hummus”?

A familiar dish in the Middle East such as Greece and Israel, it is a paste-like chickpea seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and grated garlic. If you eat out for lunch and have high-calorie content, why not make a vegetable stick lunch that is stuffed with your favourite vegetables such as hums and radishes, paprika, and cucumbers to accompany your diet.

Costco’s “Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus” is a single-use pack, so it’s also recommended for lunch boxes.

An easy diet with mental conditioning

Many people are worried that their diet will not go well and that they will not continue. Here’s how to make your diet successful with a little ingenuity.

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Easy diet 8: Diet on the standby screen of your smartphone

It is also important to make the brain think that you are thin. If you keep looking at the pictures of your brain when you were thin, you might misunderstand that “because you are thin, your metabolism is good” and release hormones that increase metabolism. Let’s misunderstand the brain by making a picture of yourself when you were thin in the mobile phone standby that you see many times a day.

Easy diet 9: A diet that compliments the stress during the diet

I want to lose weight in a short period of time, so I exercise hard and have strict dietary restrictions. But have you ever failed to diet as you expected? Stress is a great enemy of diet. It’s important to start with something that is easy for you and praise yourself if you can clear it. By accumulating successful experiences little by little and gaining confidence, you should be able to continue your diet for a long time without stress.

in conclusion

It is important to continue the diet. This time, we have delivered the points of diet that can be easily started from the three viewpoints of exercise/meal recipe/mental. If you choose your own stress-free and easy way, you should be able to continue while having fun. Why not start by finding the method that suits you best?