How to care for foot health during corona isolation

How to care for foot health during corona isolation

People such as diabetics, children and the elderly need to take special care of their feet during isolation at home.

How to care for foot health during corona isolation
How to care for foot health during corona isolation

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine is forced in most countries. We can stay at home and go out only for essential and authorized activities such as shopping, work or exerciseIn this article, I’m specifically going to talk about how to take care of your foot health while quarantining at home.

Physical activity has declined significantly over the past few weeks, so this is a very difficult situation. In addition to physical activity, all routines, habits, and even diet have changed.

Because of this, it may be natural that our entire body, including our feet, suffers in some way.

Our feet are used to certain footwear and physical activities. In addition, the feet are very susceptible to problems and wounds such as ingrown toenails.

So, from now on, let’s learn how to take care of your foot health while quarantining at home.

The impact of living in isolation on foot health

Most of us stay indoors and refrain from most outdoor activities, so our mobility is quite limited. It’s true that you can exercise at home, but some people may not have enough space to exercise, and others may not be motivated.

In normal life, almost everyone spends time walking, going shopping, and going for a walk every day. However, the fact that all of these are limited inevitably leads to a sedentary lifestyle, and in fact, lying down or sitting down, spends a lot of time

In addition, living in quarantine changed the habit of wearing clothes. In other words, when we are at home, we rarely do our daily work or wear our usual shoes. It may seem strange, but it seems that our feet are increasingly unfamiliar with wearing shoes.

Foot therapists almost always say that it’s not a good idea to wear the same shoes. The same goes for being barefoot. It’s natural to stay barefoot, but it’s easy to get hurt or get your feet cold.

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Foot injury problem

Most of the injuries that can occur during quarantine are not serious, but some situations may require special attention. For example, the elderly and diabetics need to pay more attention.

Diabetic feet are commonly seen in people with long-term diabetes or poor blood sugar control. This manifests as a loss of sensitivity in the foot and can be worse if injured.

On the other hand, there are other injuries to consider. A blow to the foot during isolation can cause fractures or muscle problems. It is also necessary to take care of the ingrown toenails. This condition causes great pain and foot infection

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How to take care of your foot health during isolation

There are simple steps you can take to prevent foot-related problems during containment. First of all, ideally, you’d better follow a very exercise routine.

For example, you can find videos of various routines created by online trainers or exercise apps.

Or, you can create your own exercise routine to suit your needs.

Also, it’s a good idea to change your shoes at least twice a day. Choose sneakers or shoes that are comfortable to wear every day. That way, you can keep your feet accustomed to your shoes.

Finally, it’s important to follow proper hygiene rules and wear socks and shoes that absorb sweat well. Feet are a very important part of our body, so we need to take good care of our feet during isolation at home.