I used to be really unfit – now I’m a Pilates instructor’

After getting her health back on track, Julia Scodie, 35, turned her fitness passion into a thriving business 

I used to be really unfit – now I’m a Pilates instructor’ 

After getting her health back on track, Julia Scodie, 35, turned her fitness passion into a thriving business 

It was a running joke with my friends that I COviOusly enjoyed my university days. I was 50 unfit and my diet consisted of c4 cheese on toast and beer! On top of this, I used to suffer from Back pain and muscle tightness due to scoliosis (a curvature of the spine). My father has it, Katy, badly. So its something I was consistently mindful of growing up.’

I used to be really unfit - now I'm a Pilates instructor'
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 ‘My work held a Pilates class. So I thought I’d give it a go. Tne teacher *SS great and I was immediately hooked. Two or three meetings, I was beginning to feel the advantages, and after only a couple months. I felt more grounded and was more adaptable and conditioned. For the first time in my life. I was able to sit cross-legged and the effeCtS of My Scoliosis had improved! it inspired me to take up other activities and, a year later I completed a 10k run. when previously I couldn’t even run for a minute. and did the London to Paris Dice ride.’ 


1 was working in the charity sector for about 10 years. but one day. mid-Pilates class. I thought Maybe I Should become a PilabaS inStruCtOr. I’d been doing Pilates for a while at this point so I spoke to my instructor after the class. I thought one was going to laugh at me, but she said ‘I think you’d be brilliant’. Because Of my experience with Scoliosis. I Mow to train in Siui I prises to so I could Men people vino have injuries. First, I trained as a fitness instructor. I taught Zumba and I was terrible. yet, it was fun and gave me the certainty to educate’  


 As part of my course, you have to get lots of practice ‘1 teaching hours in. so by the time I was qualified, I was fairly I confident. Having left a job where there were long hours and little time for exercise, I ! coked around to see if there was anyone who Offered Pile= in the workplace. I discovered there was a colossal hole on the lookout and realized I needed to • seek after this. Having tried to think of a name to suit the cgs business. I woke up in the middle of the nipper with the kg name Exercise in the City and. after 11 four months of training. in October 2011. I left my job.


Hi ‘My new job is so varied and each day is different 9 Yesterday. I taught muti in the net name. then did a class for an advertising agency and my last class was teaming a 1 pregnant lady. I teach a couple in their 70S who had new( done Pilates before. They Can now heroic a plank for three and a half minutes – nova seeing people improve! Since id changing my career. I never have that Sunday night feeling id of dread. Keeping healthy and fit for lying is great.’ 

‘If you want to pursue your fitness career. speak to other instructors to get their advice. And teach friends so you can get their honest feedback!’