How to prevent clothes from accumulating in your closet

How to prevent clothes from accumulating in your closet

Clothes piled up in your closet take away your energy as well as space. Today, let’s find out the best way to organize the clothes you don’t wear.

How to prevent clothes from accumulating in your closet
How to prevent clothes from accumulating in your closet

Marie Kondo, a tidying consultant,’ Queen of tidying up’ and her teachings transcend borders. If you decide to reorganize your home, here are some of the best ways to prevent clothes from accumulating in your closet.

Many people keep their clothes “just in case”It may be because it reminds you of a happy time because you think the clothes will fit, or simply because it is difficult to throw away.

If you feel like your situation, read on for these tips to help prevent unnecessary clothes from accumulating in your closet. Very useful!

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Tips to keep clothes from accumulating

Before you start, make sure you have enough timeThe first task, cleaning your closet, takes time!

1. Empty the closet

The first step in preventing clothes from accumulating in your closet is to find out what clothes you haveReviving memories can help prevent impulsive purchases and ultimately avoid putting more than two similar clothes in your closet that you don’t need to add.

2. Choosing the clothes you want to keep

Think critically. Do you really wear them, or do you keep them for memories?

Get rid of all clothes that don’t make you feel good, don’t make you happy, are too small (or too big), worn out, or haven’t been worn for a long time.

It’s time to throw out “just in case”. Donate that you no longer wear for any reason. Let’s throw away the idea that your clothes might be needed in 2-3 years.

Here are some tips for choosing clothes. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable and attractive in your clothes.  The question is whether you like it now, not when you first bought it.

The clothes you store should fit your style and be functional and comfortable. You have to be sure that you will wear it!

3. Recycling or separating clothes for reuse

If your clothes are torn and cannot be fixed, take them out of your closet. It can be recycled or reused as a craft. Torn shirts can be used as children’s doll clothes, patchwork quilts, or pieces to decorate a homemade shopping bag.

If you are dexterous and like sewing, you can create new clothes by combining various clothes that you no longer wear. All you need is a little skill, creativity and imagination.

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4. Organize your clothes

Organizing your wardrobe is the basis for preventing clothes from accumulating.

To wear clothes, you must be able to see them! For this reason, we recommend that you spend as much time as you need to organize your closet. This is because you must be able to see all the clothes you have.

  • Don’t let piles of clothes pile up. Dividing lines or boxes into drawers or shelves can help organize your clothes properly. Fold your clothes as small as possible so you can see everything you have.
  • The set allows you to hang tricky clothes on hangers. If you don’t have enough space, it’s time to make a decision. You can also create more space in your closet by connecting two hangers with a drink can tip.
  • Keep your shoes in pairs.  You can keep it in a box with a photo on the front. This method is easier to stack and saves space.

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5. Change clothes every season and organize them

Why should I keep my coat in my closet in summer?

Let’s make seasonal changes throughout the day.  Clothing that you won’t wear in the coming months can be stored in sealed bags. This will give you a better view of all the clothes in your closet.

6. Buy only the clothes you need

Avoid the temptation of shopping. Sometimes you can’t miss a sale, so you might want to buy a cheap shirt. But if you don’t want to fall into the same trap that caused clothes to accumulate in the first place, you need to change this habit.

Buy only what you need and satisfy yourself only occasionally. However, keep in mind that you always use what you have purchased to prevent it from accumulating on the floor of your closet.

Were tips to keep clothes from accumulating in your closet useful? The first step is to make up your mind and change your habits! You can do it with a little will!