Redesign your home for a happier relationship

 Redesign your home for a happier relationship

Redesigning your home can make a big difference in building or improving a happy relationship. Read on to learn how to redesign your home for better customs.

Redesign your home for a happier relationship
Redesign your home for a happier relationship

You can redesign your home for a happier relationship. But this idea would never have come to our minds. For this reason, let’s take a look at how home design affects relationships and some tips to keep you happier.

Does the term’neuroarchitecture’ sound familiar? Much research reveals more about this concept, but you may not have heard of it. In this regard, it is argued that the design of the house can have a great influence on the emotional state.

Principles of Neuroarchitecture

Principles of Neuroarchitecture

Designing a functional home that guarantees the well-being of both couple

should take into account their habits.

Before looking at how to redesign your home to maintain a happier relationship, you must first understand the principles of neuroarchitecture. So what should you consider? Important aspects such as privacy, materials and colours, windows and lighting, furniture and design must be considered.

And it is important to conduct a preliminary analysis of the situation. For example, if two partners work from home, lighting will be an important aspect. According to Neuroarchitectural Studies, brightly lit spaces increase people’s productivity.

Redesigning your home for a happier relationship

Now that you know a little more about neuroarchitecture, let’s look at how to redesign your home to maintain a happier relationship. For this, you can share some of the issues that need to be reflected and choose one or another design depending on your needs.

Restoration of intimacy

Look for an intimacy factor. This way, you’ll prefer intimate moments.

The lack of intimacy in a relationship is something to worry about if you’ve been with your partner for yearsSexual intercourse is no longer frequent, and it seems that little by little they are moving away from each other. If you think this situation is serious, you can seek counselling. But you can also redesign your home.

When spending time together, dim the lights. Because dark lighting increases intimacy. You can also add candles. 

Less quarrel

Maybe you want to redesign your home to have a happier relationship, with a specific goal of ending a “stupid” fight. Of course, this could be due to emotional mistakes or communication problems, but we can change the environment for well-being. To do this, let’s focus on the window.

  • Remove curtains that block natural light.
  • It is essential to keep the windows clean to see a clear view.
  • If you don’t have a lot of windows, or you don’t have a window with a good view, you can hang a landscape painting in a prominent space in your home.
  • If the weather is clear, let the sunlight come in.

More comfortable space

Create a quiet and comfortable space where you can spend time together.

If you want to redesign your home to have a happier relationship, you will definitely want a more comfortable home in addition to the above. Comfort leads to well-being, which reduces stress. To do this, attention should be paid to the following points:

  • Adding plants indoors will make your home look more comfortable and attractive.
  • Painting the walls green or bright yellow can help reduce stress levels.
  • If you don’t pile up trash or useless items, your home will feel peaceful. These little tips will help you redesign your home to keep you happy. If the house is cluttered, the colours are aggressive, or the furniture doesn’t reflect your taste, this can affect your relationship.

    Therefore, it’s best to follow the steps outlined above, throw away all unused objects and avoid using artificial lighting. And if you have windows, let in natural light. Now, do you know how the environment in your home affects your relationship?